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White Hakik Mala / White Agate Mala


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This is a high-quality original White Hakik Mala (Rosary)

No. of Beads: 108+1

Colour: White

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Hakik mala is made of 108+1 natural White Hakik beads handwoven to form a beautiful rosary. Hakik pathar or Sulemani Safed Hakik or White Agate has great importance in astrology. As per astrology, White Hakik Mala is used for spiritual and meditating purposes. It is used for chanting the mantras of Lord Shukra (Venus) during their malefic position in our birth chart.

White Hakik strengthens the heart, harmonizes the heart, throat, and solar plexus, detoxifies the system, reduces temperature, sharpens, sight, illuminates, and gives balance. It is known for granting strength, courage, protection, and support. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility, and good health. It increases the ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.

White Hakik Rosary is otherwise called dream gemstone. It conveys acknowledgment of one’s potential and dedication to one’s reason. It is the image of amicability and information.

Benefits of White Hakik Mala:

  • It is useful to remove stress as it is believed to calm the person.
  • It is used for removing the bad effects of Venus Planet.
  • White Hakik Mala is beneficial for people with Tauras (Vrashabh) and Libra (Tula) Sun Signs.
  • It helps maintain the right balance in life.
  • It is also helpful in times of distress and makes the mind more relaxed and peaceful.
  • White Hakik is also worn for good luck.
  • The wearer of this mala will have a peaceful mind as White Hakik is a symbol of peace.
  • It is considered to give strength both mentally & physically.
  • It bestows good fortune, mental tranquility, and the courage to withstand fear, solitude, sorrow, and challenges.
  • White Hakik can help children overcome their fears.
  • It is trusted that it helps in shielding the wearer from awful powers and furthermore helps in making boldness and progress.
  • It assists in making and keeping friends, helpful to farmers and those interested in growing plants.
  • White hakik promotes determination, self-realization, and spirituality.
  • It bestows good fortune, mental tranquility, and the courage to withstand fear, solitude, sorrow, and challenges.
  • It improves concentration and clarity.
  • It promotes goodwill.
  • It encourages fertility and is good for allergies and ailments related to the bone marrow.
  • Place it under your pillow at night to relieve insomnia and bring good dreams.

How to Purify the Rosary or Mala?

Before one starts meditation or Sadhana, the rosary must be purified. On the day, you have selected to start sadhana, get up early in the morning before sunrise, take a bath and wash the rosary in holy Ganges water. Then the rosary should be kept near the incense or dhoop while reciting Beej Mantra 11 or 21 or 31 times over the rosary. It should then be used for Sadhana.

The use of the rosary needs special attention. Many persons do not know how to use the rosary. The rosary should be kept hidden while meditating and should not touch the ground. If it does so, it becomes powerless and ineffective. The Rosary is to be used with the third finger and thumb. The first finger should be kept separate. When one round of the rosary is completed, it should be rotated. Counting of Mantras can be done in any way suitable to the Sadhaka.

Can I wear my Mala all the time?

As recommended, try to wear the intended mala on an auspicious muhurta, and the majority of the time, although avoid wearing it when consuming alcohol or meat and getting it wet. It is said that a mala picks up energy and vibes from the surroundings and instills it within the wearer. Mala is known to be a spiritual tool used while meditating and establishing a connection with the One. Hence by wearing it, you are more likely to draw positive vibes and improve your focus in the right direction.


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Weight .4 g
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 3 cm

5 reviews for White Hakik Mala / White Agate Mala

    PrahamhansaDev Das
    June 5, 2021
    I am really happy with the product. Plus I am satisfied with the timely delivery even amidst these trying times. Thanks for timely delivery, received this beautiful mala. Now I have ordered for another product.
    Prathna Joshi
    June 5, 2021
    Maala is very beautiful. Overall, nice product. Received the product in very good packaging and condition. Product was as per description on Kashi Pujan and quality is excellent. Must buy product. Thanks
    Raghunath Joshi
    June 5, 2021
    All grateful and thanks to Kashi Pujan seller. Their customer service is very good and excellent. Everytime i get my order, i t arrives at my place very quickly and their delivery part is so genuine... Delivery is 5 star and also response made by them Is quick and responsive.
    Maruti SIngh
    June 5, 2021
    Original, as described, thanks. Good really good .it is original So no complaints. go for it. Thanks
    Chitra Dasgupta
    June 5, 2021
    Superior and genuine product available here .Great product ! I am so Happy Good really good it is original. Kashi Pujan, you are best sellers.
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